Are black girls vaginas purple

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What should a normal vagina look like? Prefer a black vagina

Jun 16, 2009 Is it true that black women have purple vaginas? Ive been hearing things at school that black women have purple vaginas. So is it really true? Is it true that some black girls have purple vaginas? Is it true German women prefer black guys? Why do black woman have a black vagina?

Why do people think my vagina is purple? - GirlsAskGuys

The outer mucosa of the labia minora can have dark pigmentation, but the vagina itself, meaning the intercourse and birth canal, is pink. There isn't a way to add pigmentation if you don't have the black

Do black girls have purple vagina? Yahoo Answers

Nov 09, 2011  But the whole Black woman, purple pussy thing is even more ridiculous. Ive seen plenty of vaginas from watching porn and I have yet to see a Black woman (or any woman for that matter) with a purple vagina.

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